Washington DC Artist, Collector and Dealer

Peter Mars – Chevron
French Oil on Canvas – 19th Century Oil on Canvas – 10 x 14

Guided Shopper – I have over thirty years’ experience representing artists, curating gallery shows, advising collectors and acquiring fine art. I can to put that knowledge, passion and experience to work for you.  I have extensive contacts and trusted art dealers with whom I work.  The works I can get for you on the secondary market will come with a Certificate of Authenticity – COA

I have been working with fine art in the Washington DC area for over 25 years, and have unique insight into the broader art that I am able to (share with…or…) offer collectors and clients.  In addition to offering the services listed below, I’m also an artist working in oils and acrylic that are mainly en plein air.  Take a look at my work and see if you can find something that will help brighten your walls.  Art gives us a brief vacation from the stress and pressures of our daily work and responsibility.

I have a lot of work by other artists available that can fit your budget from $50 on up.   I specialize in late 19th – Early 20th Century French and American painters.  I have a selection of work in this category as well as contemporary artists including: Ephrem Kouakou, Sarah Bieda, and Nathan Motley.  Contact me and let me know how I might best be of service.




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